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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2017

Special Mention: Yogesh Patel

Open Category, Creatures Great and Small

Dust to Dust: Illuminated by a shaft of light from where the ceiling of the British-era tunnel has caved in, a still-decomposing langur skull lies frozen in its eerie death-grimace. Originally built to channel water from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park’s Kanheri hills to the Tulsi lake during the monsoon, this tunnel has been reclaimed by the park’s wildlife. It’s here that bats roost, large rock geckos hunt and resident leopards bring their prey, such as this langur, to be consumed in privacy. The persisting tuft of fur on the primate’s head, its exposed canines and hollowed-out eyes, make this image by park volunteer Yogesh Patel, suggestive of just missed action… and ancient laws that endure to this day.

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