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Postcards From Kurdistan

Sabr DriThe spectacular Zagros mountain range harbours the geo-cultural region of Kurdistan that straddles the borders of Syria to the west, Iran to the east, and Turkey to the north, with a major part of the region lying in north Iraq. Sabr Dri, captures…

White Out

Vishwatej PawarThe oddities of the natural world have always sparked the human imagination. While melanistic animals have been the talk of the town for the past few years, no doubt due to the frequent sightings of black panthers…

The Mobulid Fishery In India

Since 2012, Mohanraj Theivasigamani has been focusing on the study of mobulids, the family that comprises manta and devil rays, in India. The data he collects sheds light on the size structure and diversity of mobulid rays in the country, as well as the size of the fishery industry. Unfortunately, the…

Young Shutterbugs!

Four young wildlife enthusiasts put their photographic talents on display.

Manav, 7 and Devansh Mishra, 11: Manav and Devansh Mishra’s introduction to photography came through their father’s wildlife images that they saw on his laptop. Now they are frequent visitors to the…

My Favourite Things!

Five award-winning wildlife photographers present the one image of their own that they call their ‘favourite’.

“This image represents to me the perfect natural world of our urban existence: the leopard walking next to us, unafraid and adapting to its environment which we…

Creatures Of The Night

Cat snake

When the sun has set and most of us are fast asleep, some creatures come out to play. Meet nature’s night-timers.

Theo’s World – Imagining The Image

His heart is set on adventure and his mind on conservation. Theo Allofs uses photography as a tool to protect species and habitats.“

I have loved adventure, wild animals and being in nature since I was a teenager. For the past 20 years my job as a wildlife photographer gave me the…

My Favourite Things!

Five award-winning wildlife photographers present the one image of theirs that finds place in their hearts as a favourite.

“The Black-and-rufous Flycatcher is a bird endemic to the central and southern Western Ghats and closely associated with the densely wooded forest…

Three Young Shutterbugs

Daksh ChadhaThree budding photographers display their skills with a camera.

Family Feuds

Archna SinghIntraspecific aggression takes place when individuals of the same species clash to compete for mates, food, territory… perhaps even such resources as a waterhole in which to cool off in summer. This is different to interspecific competition,…

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