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Avian Encounters

Raj DhageBirds are believed to have begun evolving in the Jurassic Period. Categorised as Aves, these living descendants of the dinosaurs have been gifted with remarkable physical assets, virtually all geared for survival through the mastery of the skies.

Awesome Africa – The Annual Wildebeest Migration

Aditya SinghAditya Singh, Sanctuary Wildlfie Photographer of the year 2011, operates a small lodge, The Ranthambore Bagh, on the outskirts of the Ranthambore National Park. He is passionate about wildlife conservation and photography. Here, he shares his…

Canon Wild Clicks 5 – India’s Only Live Photography Contest

Daanish Shastri

Corbett Tiger Reserve saw several budding wildlife photographers from across the country come together for Canon Wild Clicks – 5 organised by Nature Wanderers, in association with Sanctuary Asia and Wildcraft…

Living Legends

Shivaram SubramaniamA million tiger images float around the web – uploaded to facebook or twitter by excited first time visitors, amateur naturalists, famous photographers or expert biologists. Each image tells its very own personal story – but…

Fine Young Wildlife Photographers

Daanish ShastriThis Sanctuary Cub photo feature showcases four young photographers who are going to be the torchbearers of the future of conservation and wildlife photography in India.

Croaking Out Loud

Bert WillaertPresented are the winning images from a nationwide amphibian photography contest conceptualised by Lost Amphibians of India (LAI), powered by Sanctuary Asia with Dr. Caesar Photography (DCP) as the operational partner.…

Agumbe – Paradise On Earth

Janaki LeninAn appreciation – In 2005, Romulus Whitaker set up the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS) after he spent time exploring these amazing rainforests, where he saw his very first wild king cobra.

The Owls Of India

Tharangini BalasubramanianThere are more than 200 species of owls found in the world. In India alone, there are around 33 species of owls found in every kind of habitat. Owls have wonderful unique features that help them hunt…

Saxe's Elephant!

Varun ThakkarJohn Godfrey Saxe I was an American poet best known for his re-telling of the Indian parable The Blindmen and the Elephant, written over a century ago. Today, as the commodification of body parts of virtually every wild animal is rewriting…

Marine Wonderworld: A Digant Desai Portfolio

Digant DesaiDigant Desai took a sabbatical from nature photography to spend time with his kids and then returned to become a world – class marine photographer. In his words: “From the very first dive I was hooked and never looked back! It has now become more than…

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