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Flowers In The Rain

M.S. MayilvahananWater is life. With the torrential rains, a host of monsoon flora make an appearance: the balsams, begonias, crinums, cassias and numerous orchids, aroids, zingibers... For those who love walking, the countryside is transformed into a…

Venom! Nature’s Deadly Arsenal

Ashok CaptainThe venom apparatus is most highly developed in snakes. Snakes can be classified based on the structure of their fangs (venom injectors). Among snakes, vipers possess the most advanced biting apparatus, called solenoglyphs.

A Riot Of Red

Nirmal KaurDebates rage among experts as to why colours evolved and how they affect animal behaviour. We do know, however, that colour vision is the result of intricate wiring in the brains of some animals that enables them to tell objects apart, based on how…


M. Venkataswampappa“To feel no surprise at the rarity of a species, and yet to marvel greatly when the species ceases to exist, is much the same as to feel no surprise at sickness, but, when the sick man dies, to wonder and to suspect that…

Rain And Rhythm

Dr. T. ShivanandappaAs moisture-laden winds bring welcome rain to the Indian subcontinent, the earth is transformed. This is when a myriad insects, frogs and toads emerge, when herbivores’ young are born to feast on the bounty of green pastures…

Death Is Life!

Vivek Gour BroomeThe mould on your bread and the whitish growth you see on damp leather are both fungi. When talking of biodiversity, fungi hardly find mention, but the fact is that India has a mind-boggling 13,000 species of fungi, of which…

Skin Deep – Judging Nature’s Book By Its Cover

Isaac Kehimkar

The cells that together comprise the surface of living things perform a variety of functions, all critical to survival. Quite apart from being, literally, the organ that holds invertebrates together, the integumentary system plays…

Wild Sex – The Making Of Nature

DevdasNot even the fabled inventiveness of Homo sapiens can come close to the sexual creativity of wild creatures that indulge in all manner of rituals that may include infidelity, rape, group sex and even homosexuality! What is more, wild species ‘do it’ standing up, lying…

Party Animals!

Hira PunjabiHerds, swarms, flocks, tribes... all animal societies that have been built by instinct, habit and learning. Choosing to move in social groups is a decision based on survival.

Web Masters

Orb spiderHe lifts just one leg at a time… taps gently on the silken threads and sends his vibrations to her. She’s wary and alert… he’s persistent. The tapping changes to a more gentle one as he stealthily moves closer. 

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