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Nature, By India’s Northeast

Nature, By India’s Northeast

India’s incredible northeastern states are home to some of the most unique wild places and unbelievable variety of wild creatures... a lot of them endangered, even critically so! Take a look at few of Northeast’s wild denizens!

Rufous-necked Hornbills, Arunachal Pradesh

Photo: Saurabh Sawant.

Phayre’s leaf monkey, Nagaland

Photo: Zakhuma Don.

Arunachal  macaque, Arunachal Pradesh

Photo: Kripaljyoti Mazumdar.

Rhacophorus sp., Nagaland

Photo: Viral K. Mistry.

Sangai, Manipur

Photo: Raju Kasambe.

French duke, Arunachal Pradesh

Photo: Varun Satose.
Melanistic Asian golden cat, Arunachal Pradesh
Photo: Pakke Forest Department.

Medo pit-viper, Arunachal Pradesh

Photo: Debabrata Phukon.

Golden langur, Assam

Photo: Saurabh Sawant.

Red panda, West Bengal

Photo: Nikhil B. Vatsal.

Source: First appeared in: Sanctuary Asia, Vol. XXXVII No. 7, July 2017.


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