Wild Madhya Pradesh

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Editors: Bittu Sahgal & Lakshmy Raman
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With unparalleled cultural and natural heritage, Madhya Pradesh lies, literally and figuratively, at the heart of India. An astounding one-third of the state is still forested and harbours within its folds an exciting array of flora and fauna. The landscape of this tiger state is dominated by the Deccan plateau that gives way to the rolling hill ranges of the Vindhyas and the Satpuras. Rivers like the Narmada, Tapti and Chambal sustain these dense, central Indian forests and water the rich biodiversity contained within.

Home to six tiger reserves, ten national parks and 25 wildlife sanctuaries, Madhya Pradesh is a veritable wonderland, a wildlife destination without compare. These natural havens receive thousands of tourists each year and it would be safe to say that a significant number leave as wildlife supporters. It is a treat to visit these parks where one can savour the heady brew of history and wild nature. Several forts, including the Bandhavgarh fort, are extant reminders of the ancient history of the region, of battles fought and empires lost. Madhya Pradesh’s Khajuraho temples, Buddhist monuments at Sanchi and the rock shelters of Bhimbetka are all UNESCO Heritage Sites.