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All About Symmetry

All About Symmetry

Sanctuary Papers: Dose of  Natural History and Science – Many animal species can self-repair on losing their body parts such as limbs. The moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita, however, self-repairs with only one agenda in mind – maintaining body symmetry.

Illustration: Vinay A. Salvi.

Symmetry is important for them to keep swimming and remain afloat. Instead of growing back a lost limb, juvenile moon jellyfish prefer to rearrange the rest of their limbs by way of muscular movements. So, irrespective of how many limbs are lost, the remaining ones are masterfully realigned to regain lost symmetry. Juveniles with fewer limbs will still mature into normal adults.

First appeared in: Sanctuary Asia, Vol. XXXV No. 8, August 2015.


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