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This case has yet again alarmed us all on how we treat our animals. The news is pathetic but not surprising at all !  

Many of you might have been witnesses to the hooliganism of a section of tourist operators that have been growing like a cancer in parks like Bandhavgarh. In February 2007 we were witness to such a case when






2010 has been declared as the "International Year of Bio-Diversity" by the Convention of Biological Diversity.
Although Bio-Diversity Day is observed on the 22nd of May each year. In conjunction to the Bio-Diversity Day, e-con (Environmental Consciousness) is going to join hands in an ongoing conservation campaign.


बच्चों आओ, बाघ बचाओ!

- विवेक रंजन श्रीवास्तव

ओबी- 11 एमपीईबी कालोनी

रामपुर जबलपुर


‘बच्चों आओ, बाघ बचाओ‘ सुनकर चैकियेगा

Sunderbans loses Tanti, the ‘keeper’ of its Tigers

Prithvijit Mitra | TNN  

Kolkata: He dared to look the tiger in the eye in the treacherous Sunderbans terrain, often without a gun. He would crouch in the bushes for hours, swim across the Matla or camp outside a village hut to help capture a straying tiger. In an illustrious

Tagore, man of the future

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

"I love India, but my India is an idea and not a geographical expression. Therefore, I am not a patriot - I shall ever seek my compatriots all over the world"

Those lines were written by 'Gurudev' Rabindranath Tagore, whose 150 birth anniversary happens to be today. The free-thinking lines define my own notion of life and


Tigress gives birth to three cubs in Panna reserve

In a major boost to efforts to revive Tiger population, a translocated tigress has for the first time given birth to three cubs in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna reserve, where the big cats had disappeared.

The Tigress, translocated from Bandhavgarh in the state to Panna in March

        For the expansion of National Highways between Coimbatore and Mettupalayam, it has been decided by the government  to cut down around 800 trees along the road side. Representations from various NGOs failed to stop this anto environmental action of the government. Our honourable union Minister for Environment and Forests

Gola corridor lost?

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

As detailed in a previous story (Elephants Must forget, https://indianaturally.blogspot.com/search?q=elephants+must+forget), the Gola river corridor, a crucial tiger and elephant corridor that connected the Terai East with the West divisions is all but lost. Already under pressure from boulder mining, possible expansion of an

Tourists are not the problem

   Environment minister Jairam Ramesh has got this one right. He has said that his ministry has no intention to ban tourism in tiger reserves, as demanded by some sections of the environment department. Those in favour of the ban have argued that an increased number of tourists and tourism-related

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