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In a botched operation, a straying leopard was killed by police after foresters failed to tranquillize the animal at Shikaripara village in Banarhat on Sunday morning. The adult male animal had sneaked into the village, possibly from the nearby Khuttimari forest and taken shelter in a bamboo grove. 
Even as thousands

A sub-adult male tusker was rescued from a ditch at the Kumargram tea-garden in Buxa Tiger Reserve on Tuesday morning.

The tusker, around seven years old, fell into a 10 feet by 4 feet ditch while its herd was passing through the tea-garden. Foresters dug up the ditch to widen it, giving enough room to the pachyderm to

I wish some of India's sharper climate scientists and economists would play a more pro-active role on the climate change front. 

From what I have picked up from climate science papers, 2010 may well turn out to be the hottest year on record. People living in mismanaged urban India will discover this to their dismay just as

Rajkot: In a bizarre incident in a village in Kodinar taluka of Junagadh district, a leopard was cemented inside a concrete slab for last 20 days. It was discovered on Tuesday when it managed to break a brick. A major operation was carried out to rescue it.

According to sources, the incident was reported from Kadodara village

 Gandhinagar: In another startling revelation related to Gir lions, the state government stated in the Assembly on Thursday that 116 lions had died in Gir Sanctuary between January 2007 and January 2010. Of these, 108 are said to have died in the natural course and seven were hunted to death. The sanctuary, in the last census,

Ahmedabad: This is going to be a census that will be closely watched by many, given the fact that it is being conducted after a period that saw poaching incidents for the first time in Gir and when neighbour Madhya Pradesh became more aggressive in its demand for a share of the Asiatic lions.
The once-in-five-years census will

Siddis as tour guides in Gir

Posted by: Hitesh Kamaliya on

Ahmedabad: The next time you visit Junagadh, and find a person of African origin telling you about Panthera Leo Persica (Asiatic lion), do not be surprised. Gujarat government is training some 20 youths of the African Siddi tribe, settled in Gir forest, to speak English and become tour guides. They will also be trained in

Reality Check..

Posted by: Kavya on

Everyday seems to be a new discovery on what is actually happening with India's 'rich forests' and 'abundant' wildlife. Often quoted by websites that the country's ecosystem and biodiversity is enormous and beautiful, no doubt reassuring the mass public that 'All iz well'.

I sincerely applaud our environment minister Mr. Ramesh

This is an interesting news that will encourage all conservationists.

Confirmed by the Dy.Field Director - Buxa Tiger Reserve Mr.Subhankar Sengupta that a sub adult Tiger was sighted & photographed by a beat officer, who was executing a monitoring exercise near a PIP with his team.

This sighting has happened after a prolonged

An island near the Bay of Bengal is being swallowed by the rising sea, possibly making it one of global warming’s earliest victims. The fact, if established beyond scientific doubt, could be the spur to global climate negotiations that seem to have cooled off after the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admitted to