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To Eat Or Not To Eat!

Posted by: Swati Hingorani on

I love browsing through random news sites. They always turn up the most fascinating stories! Just yesterday I was reading about how the CITES meet which is currently going on in Doha, wont see the passing of a ban on bluefin tuna fishing. It was disheartening because I don't see how a consumer's palate can be worth more than an

 In   Assam during this time of the year many wild animals stray out of the natural habitat in  search of food.,as it is the dry season of the year. Recently a hog deer was rescued from his fellow villagers by a school teacher in  the out skirts of Jorhat .In another incident young leopard was saved by a little boy from his

Here are 2 stories from a small forest called Navegaon National Park in Maharashtra. The park though beseiged with problems from insurgency to timber, poaching and encroachment from humans and cattle is still battleing out to survival and continues to spring surprises.

Last month, a women went to collect some compost from the

Gosaba: A tiger that strayed into the Sudhangshunagar area of Satjelia in the Sunderbans and climbed a keora tree there was tranquillized by forest guards on Friday morning. The tiger is pretty old and its right foreleg injured. The lower left canine tooth of the animal was also found broken.

Earlier, the tiger had killed a cow,

1,000 Days To Save The Tiger

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

I penned these words together with Valmik Thapar, tiger defender, as far back as September 1996. But they could have been written year after year, because very little real action actually emerged in India to protect our wildlife, including the tiger. In the intervening years tiger habitats continued to be sacrificed to dams,

Good News from the Wild..

Posted by: Partha Pratim Patra on

There is yet another good news from Similipal. Though not a very big one but yet something for the wildlifers to cheer about. WWF-India has lend a helping hand to the field staff of Similipal Tiger Reserve. Some essential equipment and gears were handed over to the authorities at STR on 13th March 2010. List of equipment

Why BAN "Ecotourism"?

Posted by: arun tp on



I have to write some definitions on few terms related to tourism before giving some wide perspective on damage created by Eco-Tourism.


Tour refers to the Journey to various places, coming back in the end to the place the journey started from!


Tourism refers to the business of providing travel, accommodation, food,

The 2nd radio-collar that was fitted on a Tigress on February 28th 2010 was found lying in the Pirkhali VI area within the Sundarban Tiger Reserve (STR) yesterday 11th March 2010 by a STR team after they scanned the area for over 30 minutes. The collar was giving stationery signals since 6th night & it's being speculated that

Have you heard the news? After a quiet period of regrouping post the tumultuous and disappointing events at the Copenhagen climate summit in December, 350.org, the international, precedent-setting, grassroots climate change organization is off and running with new plans for 2010...

If you are looking for ways to a)

News has come in that the largest village in the core area of Similipal Tiger Reserve, Jenabil, shifted out of the reserve voluntarily on 9th March 2010.

62 families shifted out from Jenabil in Similipal's core area to the 'model village' created for them at Ambdiha, outside the reserve. Keeping with the NTCA's guidelines, every