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Enlighten me !

Posted by: Pranesh on


Apart from general awareness it creates , how does it really help to save the tigers in wild by simply logging on to the campaigns driven by cellular companies & TV channels !

The need of the hour being , the persons who actually patrol or are directly involved in the day to day working in the reserved & unreserved forests

Good People Out There

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

I wanted to share this short correspondence with a most wonderful man. His name is (Retd) Major B.G. Padbidri and he wrote to me enclosing a cheque of Rs. 50,000, which he wanted Sanctuary to disburse to the three persons mentioned below, who received wildlife awards from us in 2009.

I have requested Mrs. Madhu Bhatnagar of Sri

Global warming a question

Posted by: arun tp on


"Global warming" and resulting scenario is partially the result of Industrialization and Scientific advancement. Partially is used instead of probable as the time and space is related to the climatic change resulting from the ongoing evolution of universe, the evolution related to the galaxies, its space, evolution of the

Keoladeo Ghana Must Live

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Keoladeo Ghana is being assassinated. Prerna Bindra wrote to me suggesting that Sanctuary runs a campaign to save it. This was my response to her and I would like very much for members of the Sanctuary fraternity to pitch in with ideas of their own.

Dear Prerna: Yes we should do a campaign to protect the Keoladeo Ghana


The annual tiger enumeration is set to commence in March
and this time around, camera trap technique will not be the only method to be
used to count the big cats.

The last enumeration at Similipal where camera trap methodology was used
and yielded in a low count had led to a huge uproar. Orissa lodged a protest
with National Tiger

The Tigress trapped at Sonaga village near Gosaba in the Sunderbans on Monday was released at Storekhali forest near Netidhopani on Wednesday afternoon. It was fitted with a radio collar before being released. Forest officials confirmed that the gadget is sending signals properly.

The imported gadget has been provided by the

Water Table a major question?

Posted by: arun tp on


Every life form's depends on Water. Nothing special after Industrial Revolution, the world was soaked in new attitude towards environment. New term "Industrial estates" bloomed around the continents, disregarding wastage treatments, pushing untreated wastes organic as well as inorganic into the virgin natural environment

Birds are the most beautiful of all creations... Aren’t they? Of course they are.. There is so much we can learn from them, from living an organized lifestyle with what little they have and the way they take care of themselves and their homes and kids at times of adversities... Above all, we can learn a lot not only about


Kolkata: The straying Sunderbans tiger that was captured at Sonaga in Gosaba on Monday will be fitted with a radio collar.

Officials of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehra Dun, have reached Sunderbans with an imported collar that is believed to be an improved version of the earlier one that had been tried on a tigress

KOLKATA: The World Wildlife Fund has warned that days are numbered for much of the sensitive Sunderbans eco-system and in 60 years vast tracts of the rare mangrove forests, home to the Bengal tiger, will be inundated by the rising sea.

The study, focussed on Sunderbans in Bangladesh, says the sea was rising more swiftly than