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Return to Palamau Tiger Reserve(PTR)--The Heartland of Wildlife and Naxalism in Jharkhand



                                                        First of all let me briefly introduce myself and my relationship with the Palamau Tiger Reserve—A neglected Tiger Reserve that seems to have been

Homeless Creatures

Posted by: arun tp on


The Poem "Homeless Creatures" is written seeing the terror, while walking through a small beach (Muzhappilangaud/Dharmadam in India) near my home, where Hundreds of Crabs and other small creatures are crushed and thrown for nothing, by the Cars and Bike's rushing through sands for pleasure in high speed. This started to


Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

What is it in our rootedness that virtually forces us to stay fixed to what has been ‘home' long after the qualities that define home - comfort, safety, security - have vanished? Why do we persist in living in neighbourhoods or cities long after they have ceased to be friendly and nurturing? Such were the thoughts that wafted

Shifting pain in Ranthambhore

Posted by: Harsh Varma on

  First forest officials come up with a harebrained scheme. Then they go to absurd lengths to justify it. En route, conservationists are shown in poor light. And the future of the tiger gets dimmer.

This farce is being played out in Rajasthan to mobilise opinion against the sudden halt on tiger translocation from Ranthambhore

It is an IRONY that

Restoring access to Bandhavgarh

Posted by: Harsh Varma on


The Bandhavgarh action plan -- keeping wildlife safe and making wildlifers feel at home:

  • 1.) Scrap tiger shows on elephants. Even the Rs 45,000 rides must be done away with. No exceptions should be made -- not even for Rahul Gandhi! The pachyderms should only be used for forest work and by officials during tiger census.
  • 2.)

Remembering Sohrabji

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

May 2010 will mark the 10th death anniversary of an industrialist and  visionary I loved. Most other industrialists thought he was merely feeding his passion when he spoke of the need to protect forests, tigers and such like. Today, of course, almost everyone of them is speaking the language that Sohrabji spoke five decades

Just Eight Years Ago

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Parliament’s Wild Heart: I wrote the piece reproduced below just over 8 years ago, when, for one brief shining moment, it seemed like politics and conservation might just make peace.

Subsequently, hawkish economists, ruthless politicians and hungry investors from within India and overseas, combined to destabilise the ecological

Beastly attitudes

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Statistics reveal that on death row in the USA, a significant number of murderers confessed that their first acts of cruelty were perpetrated on animals. It worries me that here in India, intentionally or otherwise, we may be teaching our children that cruelty is a way of life, by reinforcing in subtle and not so subtle ways


Posted by: Harsh Varma on


 If you thought sighting tigers was directly proportional to how lucky you were, think again. Now spotting the big cat is predicated on how well linked you are. At least at the Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, the law of the jungle has been rewritten.

The new field director is said to have altered rules to suit the tiger. In my view,