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Image of Devil

Posted by: arun tp on


"Image of Devil" is a poem that reveals the inner nature of man and its role on this earth. Let this poem changes your attitude towards this heavenly earth.


The Sun is rising;

Spreading light beyond horizon;

With a vivid smile, spreading pleasantness throughout;

Of all the nature's life's, surrounding the depth.


The Moon is

A walk with the Jungle King

Posted by: Purvi Mistry on

Trailing the tiger

Posted by: Purvi Mistry on

This was an experience of a lifetime!

Trailing the tigers @ bandhavgarh & kanha tiger reserves in MP. Bandhavgarh is a 105 sqkm park which has around 30 odd tigers and a variety of other wildlife like deers, wild boars, and langurs. Kanha is the world's second largest and Asia's biggest National Park spread over 950 sqkm as the


Posted by: Partha Pratim Patra on

Hello to all the lovers of Jungle and the wild..This is my first blog on any of the blog spots. The forest and its thousand denizens have never stopped to amaze and attract me. I am deeply hurt and enfuriated by the fact that our beautiful forests are shrinking and its animals are ever dwindling in numbers. Definitely their

Twenty Ten and Beyond

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

I spent the last days of 2009 and the first days of 2010 in Kabini, Nagarhole. For over three decades now the cusp between the year gone by and the one just born has been spent by our family in one wild place or other. Its our way of reminding ourselves of what has real worth -- where our time, energy and life should be

The Paradigm of Nature: The measure of human progress -- economic or otherwise - must be judged by whether our activities improve the quality of our air, water and lands. This in turn will only be possible if equity is the foundation of human life across the world. Not just equity between humans, but between humans and the rest

Cancers are on the rise. So are diseases such as malaria, dengue and filaria. At least some of this can be traced back to climate change impacts. It is imperative therefore that citizens of large metros learn to alter behaviour to prepare themselves for life in an age of climate change.
Water shortages, health issues,

Copenhagen Blues

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Post Copenhagen its every country for itself. This is the worst imaginable way to handle the planetary problem of climate change. India will not be able to escape either the impact of climate change, or the blame for being part of the conspiracy for the "business as usual" Copenhagen conclusion. If a chain is only as strong as

Tck Tck Tck

Posted by: Swati Hingorani on

Its the last three days of COP15 and its been a rollercoaster ride of exciting actions, disappointing results, some positive outcomes but mostly chaos. Countries continue to haggle over previously agreed upon provisions and as I type all sessions have been suspended. The result is that Im sitting at the computer centre in front