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Villagers of around 32 coastal villages surrounding the city took out a massive rally on Monday demanding permanent closure of Gujarat Enviro Protection and Infrastructure Private Ltd (GEPIL), which has been blamed for discharging highly toxic hazardous water in Unn Khadi.

Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) in December

The second bird watchers conference, scheduled to begin from January 19, will be attended by 360 delegates, students and researchers. 95 delegates will be from 38 different countries.

Tourism minister Jaynarayan Vyas said, "Gujarat is fast emerging as an eco-tourism destination; boasting of a wide range of pristine


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A very solid conservationist, Nirmal Kulkarni has just been re-apointed to Goa's Wildlife Board. He and other fighting for Goa's wildlife have consistently been saying that the most difficult task before us all is to fight the mining lobby and curb the enthusiasm of those seeking to destroy wetlands and coasts for one


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Sanctuary's incredible Kids for Tigers walking the walk for the tiger in Kolkata. Over 200 kids from Kolkata's Saifee Hall School led by their amazing point teacher, Ms.Farida Alam, took part in a Save Our Tigers Rally in Kolkata just two hours ago today. This is one of almost 250 large and small events that Sanctuary organises


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The Paradigm of Nature: The measure of human progress -- economic or otherwise - must be judged by whether our activities improve the quality of our air, water and lands. This in turn will only be possible if equity is the foundation of human life across the world. Not just

Flying in the face of cyclonic winds, floods, droughts, hottest-ever and coldest-ever days, plus salinisation of coasts thanks to sea level rise, the climate skeptic brigade is up to its dirty tricks again. Just as they did a few weeks before Copenhagen, prior to the climate conference about to take place in Durban they have

Just a few days ago, we did not have water supply in our house for the whole morning. It was a very trying situation and we were dependant on our tank on the roof. We all were trying our best to save this water which had suddenly become very precious. The problem was minor-a broken pipe. However, this really goes to show how

During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to be the leader who would "end the tyranny of oil." 

 As of this date, President Obama has failed in his oft-repeated pledge to lead on climate change.

In a few hours, I will board a charter bus full of citizens and activists and environmentalists from New York

Tiger Cub confiscated at the Port of Miami

Bowfin and Paddlefin caviar, komodo dragons or water monitors, Darwin's finches or hummingbirds, spitting cobras or taipans, tree frogs or gliding frogs, the US Fish and Wildlife Service's wildlife inspectors need to literally, know it all.

Animals, both wild and domestic, have played a major role in the lives of humans ever

Forest Rights Without Forests?

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The battle continues to rage. Forest dwellers must have the right to exploit their lands, even in the heart of biodiverse areas.

That this is resulting in a sythe  cutting through the very forests that are supposed to deliver rights is lost in the enthusiam to deliver 'justice' to long-suffering communities.

But the issue is