Posted by: Diya Katyal on

I saw an Aircel "Save The Tigers " hoarding about a month back. It made an instant impression. The image was lovable and moving and it hurt. im ashamed to say that i got caught up with work and life and did not do anything about it. Then very randomly at work i came across an excersise book that had a tiger on it with the line "Once extinct,  the tiger is lost forever." I took this as a sign. Ido not want this to be yet another sad happening that i block out or let roll off me. I want to move. Help in some way before its too late.  I logged on to Sanctuary Asia and read about tiger poaching and i absolutely cannot understand how anybody can harm a living being that has never ever done anything to harm it. Im not an expert on environmental issues, but neither do i want to sit back and watch my world get ruined. It need not be anything earth shattering but i want to live in harmony with nature and not worsen its aldready flagging condition. And i want to Save The Tigers.