Climate Skepticism

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Climate skepticism is emerging from its closet again these days. How I wish we were wrong and the skeptics were right. It would be terrific to buy that hammock, pick out the island on which to string it and relax for the rest of my life! But that is not to be my fate. Sadly the science has proved the skeptics wrong and our work to battle climate change must continue. Those who still hold on to the hope that climate change is not caused by humans, not real etc. are basically not looking at the evidence. Most of the resistance from the most vociferous scientists who once refused doggedly to accept climate change as a reality has more or less vanished.

Now this resistance lives on only in the public domain of those who have no access to or no interest in the hard science that proves beyond reasonable doubt that if we do not rein in climate change, human societies will be damaged, possibly beyond repair.

Some people explain away climate change as being part of a well-documents 11 year solar cycle, a well known phenomenon. This certainly does aggravates the climate situation, but it's effect is temporary and the planet can easily cope with this.  Persistent, relentless rising temperatures that have resulted in melting glaciers, ice caps, rising seas, raging forest fires, cold waves, heat waves, floods, droughts, cyclones that blow at 200+ kmph, as against, say, 100 kmph... are tragic reminders that climate change is the greatest threat faced not only by humans, but by all life on earth. Those who continue to say: "Relax! Everything will be fine," are essentially sleeping on their watch!