Conserve disconnected forests

Posted by: Akash Deep Choudhury on

I would like to share  my observation and ideas,

Being brought up in Digboi, an oil town which divides a big jungle, one stretching a few square kilometres to the north and the other to the south of Digboi which strecthes towards ,Arunachal Pradesh,Nagaland further cutting into Myanmar.Growing up in Digboi itself taught me how much we are encroaching forest lands. Sightings of wild elephants, deers have become a common thing out there. Previously, elephants used to restrict their movement strictly within the forests.At most, sightings would be in the golf fields.But  within last two years, they have been very often sighted near the bungalow campuses of officers or sometimes even inside the campus. Local people living near the forest have said that there has been quite a lot of deforestation taking place in the forest north to Digboi. Now, through a search in google maps I found out that Digboi separates a big jungle which stretches far into Myanmar to its southeast.And the jungle to its north stretches a few kilometres.Now all the sightings, had been observed in an area called Shillong Road, which adjoins the northern jungle.My bungalow adjoins the southern jungle.Never has any elephant herd been sighted near our campus,which suggests that the larger southern jungle has not been tampered with or even if it has been tampered, animals have moved deeper into forests.But the jungle to the north surely has been affected,and the poor animals cant go anywhere and when they try to move towards the bigger jungle, they have the whole Digboi to cross! 

I therefore suggest that-

 Deforestation and illegal tapping of forest resources be stopped at once.

The forest department should place more focus on preserving these forests which have been cut apart from the bigger forest by a town, city or highway as the mobility and security of the wild animals in such places is affected even by the minutest destruction of forest land.