Creature Features - The Frog

Posted by: Seema Khinnavar on

1. April 30th is celebrated as Save the Frog Day. But why should we bother? One might ask. It is important to conserve the dwindling number of frogs in cities because they are one of the major consumers of pests like mosquitoes and other disease spreading insects.
2. Archey's Frog which is almost indistinguishable from its fossil is said to 150 million years old! It is also described as the living fossil!
3. India's smallest land vertebra is a 10mm long frog which was discovered in the Western Ghats of Kerela in October 2007 by an amphibian expert S.D. Biju.
4. According to a news release by Delhi University, a dozen new species were discovered in the Western Ghats last year. Some of them were a rediscovery of lost species which were considered extinct
5. Scientists at the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conservation Research placed 24 mountain yellow-legged frogs into refrigerators to promote frog breeding! The cold temperature inside the refrigerator mimics the winter conditions in which frogs hibernate. Therefore after emerging from the refrigerators, frogs display mating behavior which helps in breeding them.