Creature Features - The Caracal

Posted by: Seema Khinnavar on

1. The name Caracal has been derived from the Turkish word "karakulak" which means black ears.
2. In North India, the Caracal is locally known as "Syagosh" which means Black ears in the Persian language
3. Caracals are known to hunt 10 - 12 birds at one strike!
4. The Caracal's hind legs are longer than its front legs which enable them to jump up to 7 feet in the air to hunt down flying birds.
5. In the olden days, Indian king used to train Caracals to hunt birds for them. The Caracals were put into pigeon enclosures and bets were made as to how many would the Caracal hunt at one strike. The phrase "to put the cat among the pigeons" has originated from this practice.
6. The caracal has 20 different muscles in its ears to help it find prey! Caracals have a big tuft of hair on their ears which make their sense of hearing extremely sensitive
7. Even though Caracals fall into the category of small cats, they can hunt prey twice their size!
8. Unlike other cats, a caracal's pupils contract to circles instead of slits.
9. Though abundant in number, caracals are rarely seen in the wild due to their excellent ability of camouflaging themselves.