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Mysore put elephants on the front pages of newspaper and in the headlines of television news yesterday. Check this out to understand the trauma to both humans and the elephants.


But its like this. Elephants need space to survive. If we give them this space in the shape of undisturbed wildernesses, the elephants will provide us with exquisite forests that offer us pure water, that sequester and store carbon, that feed our spirit. The other option? Let the Kodas and other scamsters of the world take the iron ore, bauxite, lignite and what have you, fill their banks with our money, while we rot in a hell of our own making. Protecting elephants is not an animal rights issue, its a human rights issue -- our right to clean air, fresh water, a stable climate and a free spirit.

Our Reserved Forests, Sanctuaries, National Parks and wildernesses are life saving assets for humans. The animals are the Gardeners of our Eden. This is something our leaders, already under attack for the crooked, crooked ways, seem not to understand. 

Visit this page (url below), which has images taken by Brijendra Singh, Honorary Warden, Corbett. These are of an elephant mother that carried its dead calf around for several days, not willing to accept it had gone. And we treat elephants as though they have no feelings, no rights. Read this cover story put together by Sanctuary to understand why the effect of our Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Environment and Forests and State Governments is wiping out, not saving, wild elephants.