En route to Antarctica!

Posted by: Bhaskar P on

I've been counting down to March 3, 2011 for a while now. A lifelong belief that discussing trips jinxes them prevented me from standing on the rooftop and announcing to the world that I was going to Antarctica but now that I am three-quarters of the way there, I think I can allow myself to be excited! I'm writing this from a hotel room in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Every time I type that name, it takes me about three tries to get the spelling correct but I'm blaming it on the fact that I am severely sleep deprived. Now, to answer the all consuming question: why am I, a person who detests the cold, travelling to the Antarctic? In 2041, the treaty that decrees Antarctica international territory and bans mining in the fragile region, expires.

Robert Swan, a madly inspiring man who has walked to both the north and south pole, leads annual expeditions to the Antarctic to spread awareness on the fragile region. I'm going with him on the International Antarctic Expedition 2011 along with a group of people from around the world who are all working on sustainability and climate change. To reach Antarctica, we'll be taking a boat from Ushuaia in Argentina. It's a long journey to the southernmost city in the world - we've flown from Bombay to Johannesburg to Buenos Aires and finally, after a 13 hour stopover, we'll catch our last flight to Ushuaia. My body clock is currently hurling loud insults at me - it is 5:30 am in India and my eyes are closing.

We cannot use the internet in the Antarctic but you can follow my journey on the 2041 blog at this link

More soon! Swati.