Getting to work with in 2010!

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

Have you heard the news? After a quiet period of regrouping post the tumultuous and disappointing events at the Copenhagen climate summit in December,, the international, precedent-setting, grassroots climate change organization is off and running with new plans for 2010...

If you are looking for ways to a) fight/mitigate climate change; b) save the tiger; c) save forests; d) have fun by getting to know some of the best and brightest in your own community... then is a great way to go... Sanctuary will continue to team up with this year, as it did last... in fact, Sanctuary's brilliant Kids for Tigers can take pride in the fact that two of their wonderful 350 actions last year are featured in's newest slideshow!

 As many of you know, October 24, 2009, was a HUGE global success, with spectacular photos pouring in non-stop from iconic and non-iconic locations around the globe, showing children, adults, women, men, Asians, Africans, people of all hues and ethnicities, coming together to take action for the global environment and for their future. CNN called it "the most widespread day of political action in the planet's history," with 5200 actions in 181 countries!

 This year, wants us all to roll up our sleeves, put on our work gloves, and find ways to move our own communities, large and small, toward the goal of 350 (parts per million of carbon in the atmosphere). Whether it is through planting trees, creating bicycle lanes, putting solar panels on roofs (the list is endless), it is time to show political leaders everywhere, but most importantly in the most-polluting nations (Mr. Obama, are you listening??), that we are making change happen on the ground -- what are THEY doing?? 

To sign up for's next global day of action -- 10/10/10 -- go to, where you will find all sorts of advice and background information already in place, from a sign-up form to create your own 10/10 work day, to becoming a fan on Facebook, to watching a new slideshow explaining where 350's been and where it's headed.

 And you'll also see details of plans for a "Great Power Race," where will be challenging university students in the U.S., India and China to "compete" joyfully and peacefully to see who can come up with the best ideas for returning to climate sanity.

It couldn't be more important... it needs a daily, sustained commitment from each of us... AND, it's going to be fun!