Global warming a question

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"Global warming" and resulting scenario is partially the result of Industrialization and Scientific advancement. Partially is used instead of probable as the time and space is related to the climatic change resulting from the ongoing evolution of universe, the evolution related to the galaxies, its space, evolution of the planetary objects, because objects always change its course overtime in time and space. "Global warming" is to be experienced in reality on the ground of present context. We don't know what future scenario is... we can only predict with scientific tools. All scientific tools have their own limit... even though it results in human culture and life style transitions.


 I have read about shifting rain belt, raising oceans, melting polar's, temperature difference in oceans, land, green house effects, acid rains, climatic shift resulting in vegetation shift. Why don't we think of shifting tornado belt towards other longitude and latitude, shifting flora and fauna, the area of land is shrinking, more tectonic movements are seen in present centuries, our anxiety is on human population, which is more than the land area can accommodate. I have read about furious winds, cloud explosions, shrinking ozone etc. Whether the earth is dying or evolving towards a new fresh earth with fresh living organisms? Think of Dinosaurs....! What man has achieved in past for himself? The culture should go down and rest beneath the earth in materialistic form, beliefs transforms, new evolve. Today becomes past in future and somebody may excavate studying the today's present in a vague manner.


Anxiety never creates a solution, only imagination and reasoning has the ability to tackle global warming effectively. Media is making men's thought more pessimistic, I don't see many articles that boost the inner soul of every man to tackle the environmental situation. Most articles are related to statistics derived from the past, pointing the present and what will be to expect in future. Future is relative and can be changed according to the present beliefs and thoughts. Our media's should be more optimistic in handling negative situations. Their stories should create optimism in the mind of readers.


Man is not different from other animals, but he is tied with strong chains by politics. He cannot migrate by his own will; he cannot take food or water from everywhere.  The past has negated his freedom of movement and thought. He is a slave of politics and politicians. He can move only within limited geographical locations.


Living beings exists because of quality related to  layers from Earths core to outer space. Whether we have much studies on changes related to Exosphere, Ionosphere and Stratosphere? Whether we have studied much about the changes taking place is distant heavenly bodies and its effect on earth. What will be the effect of exploitation of resources in Moon on Earth? 


The surface of the earth has a layer of vegetation spreading over different climatic zones in the forms of huge trees to tiny fungi's. Huge trees protect earth from heating; they regulate air quality and make space for millions of organisms for living. Man lived on this earth like a parasite; he chewed from one side to another like a multiplying devastating cancerous cell reproducing rapidly for centuries creating havoc to earth environment by building poisonous ejecting furnaces all around the latitudes and longitudes. Polar belts are destroyed in the name of scientific experiments; even harsh climate became the dwelling land of these parasites. They build nuclear weapons and submerged all around the globe... preaching all about peace. They build all industries...preaching all about comfort, pure air, better living situations and water. They build all transportation to war heads...preaching all about safety and human wellbeing. They created money...preaching all about economical existence. They talked about culture, modernity and development all these days....what was the result? Now they are anxious all about "global warming" and "upcoming Dooms Day"...


Thinking positively about "Global warming" can tackle self induced earth problems by



Afforestation and providing green belts, around source of World Rivers.


Preservation of wet lands, building mangrove forest belt around the water bodies and coastal areas.


Focusing on New international standards for the Prevention of deadly inorganic wastes, which harm the existing environment.


New international and regional laws for the recycling of plastic and metallic materials.


Banning insecticides internationally which harm the fresh water table.


New international and regional laws for restricting usage of interlock tiles and other beautification materials around urban and rural an area that prevent or obstructs the filtration of rain water into the soil. (it should includes beautification of residential areas, multi-stories and Industries). New green belt introduction should be encouraged.


New international standards restricting Tourism and banning Tourism in core and remote ecologically fragile areas.


Regulating and providing new guidelines related to the usage of plastic packing materials in package industries.


Providing new guidelines for Advertising in the usage of flex boards, other materials that harm environment and plastics.


Shifting of Newspapers and magazines to online format should be encouraged internationally.


New guidelines for fishing industry in usage of world waters,


Finding new ecologically sensitive ocean areas and conversion to new ocean reserve zones banning fishing and related activities around the area.


Restriction of Space research and Banning Space Tourism.


Banning production of further new War instruments, equipments and materials.


Checking accumulating man-made waste materials in outer space and its effective management.


Encouraging Vegetarianism.


Encouraging Public transport system internationally.


Over dependence on water bodies for electricity is to be diverted to alternative methods of power generation.


Generating vehicle free zones, inside metropolitan cities


Introduction of open grasslands, and new green belt around urban areas.


Efficient management of waste materials and its conversion to by products.


Introducing environmentally conscious educational system in Schools and universities.


Introduction of new source of energy systems for vehicles that does not depend mainly on petrol and diesel products.


Checking and surveying the number and usage of vehicles all around the globe, and laying guidelines for minimizing the density of vehicles in an area.


Generating alternatives or developing new technology that never relies on cable transmissions for telephone, television and electric supply further discouraging it.