The Ground Water Problem

Posted by: Bratish Poddar on

Our water table is depleting at a rapid rate. We regularly hear news about earth's  decreasing water levels. Underground reservoirs are drying up. Most of our water is drawn up from below the ground. However, this water is not getting replenished. Rains are getting irregular, but in most places they still are sufficient.  This rain should sink in the soil and collect underneath. That is the way of nature. However, how can that rain go underground if we dont let it. We are paving all our surrounding area. Footpaths are being made in places where it is not needed. In Lucknow, the huge "parks" are all concrete and there are no open places. So, how will the water go in. Near my house, where there is not much traffic, footpaths were recently made. How can the water sink in if there is no entry into the soil. In cities, there is hardly any area that is not paved and the those which are there, are turned into garbage dumps.  Most of the rainwater just flows into the drains. And in those places where drainage is not sufficient, it collects above the ground and causes great inconvenience. Most houses dont have sufficient gardens. 

What we can do is to stop this practice of paving our surroundings. In some cases it is necessary. But for footpaths, nobody uses them anyway. I have seen that most people in my locality walk on the roads which are anyway empty most of the time. It may be necessary in cities. Even then, open spaces should be left. In hazratganj, Lucknow (shopping area), the pavement was renovated and I am happy to say, intermediate lawns and mini-gardens were made. In those areas, which are covered, rain water harvesting should be practiced instead of allowing the water to flow down the drain. We must take actions.