Haunted Angels

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"Haunted Angels" is a simple poem that is dedicated to all the bird species and other sad species living on this earth, either in captivity or in freedom. Here in this poem the word "beast" is used for all humans who never loves other species, or irrationally kills and serves for his selfish desires. If we humans think they are Kings of this world, the King has the responsibility to look over each and every soul's welfare. Disregarding what forms it takes on this heavenly earth. Let them thinks that they are not permanent on this earth, or no souls speak for him with confidence, because of his irresponsibility towards earth.

"Science and Technology" cannot compensate a lost world, which was once a paradise. Development should be used for other species welfare and to accommodate them safely on this earth, and not for his own selfish interest.



Heavenly world


Angels of the Heavenly sky;

Spread's the wings of colorful rainbows;

Danced in rhythm from branches to branches;

Slept safe and wake up the world with heavenly music.


Darkness of Terror


Pitch darkness of terror, with cold blood;

Watched with reddish eyes with lovable eyes;

Grabbed with claws of evil world;

Caught angels floating through the sky;

Pretending the waves of love and affection;

Tortured keeping inside the cages.


Lost Paradise


Heaven was vast up there;

Freedom was up there;

Tears were cold and frozen;

Felt with pain and fear.


Last Curse


Valueless tears;

Never sang a song for him!

Cursing a thousand times!

Why are we on this hell?


Ultimate Prayer


Looking up with blurred eyes;

Saw the offspring's and mother fluttering;

Searching for trees, and bushes;

Never seeing one with safe branches;

Prayed aloud, oh! Never come down, the beast is every where;

With sharp eyes of terror;

Cutting the flesh and serving for nothing.


Partitioned Vision


Are they Gods?

Never understand anything or anything!

Without tearing apart;

World into tiny, tiny pieces!



Cruelest image


Thousands of weapons;

Invented to kill and destroy;

Tearing the flesh, for pleasure;

Enjoyed the taste of blood with pleasure.


Hellish Cages


Pets in the cages;

Lived as flesh and beauty;

Inside the thoughts of beasts;

Pretending the waves of love and affection;

Sat on the throne;

As King of the world;

Fool he is! Foolishness he thinks!


Clouds in between


Ravaged with clouds of selfishness and desires;

Rained the water of evil!

Submerged in the water of hellish thoughts;

Swam as cruelest beast all around.




Oh! God is there any world for us?

Where the beasts never walk in future?

Where you never put a beast ever?

Safe and free, show the path, show the path!

Or Kill us all, instantly!

And save us from the beast of Horror.