Karnataka Arc Possible?

Posted by: Suresh K L on

Keeping Mysore incidence as background, Elephants of Alur Tq, Hassan Distict of Karnataka must be given their right of passage.

During Pre-Independence Elephants from Mysore region used to traverse till Dandeli WLS. Post Independece saw the fragementation leading to 3 popultions dissconnected along the crestline of Western ghats of Karnataka. one in Dandeli, second in Bhadra with sufficient forest covers but the third in Hassan was left without any  sanctuary or corriodor leading to HEC. Karnataka Govt., is more inclined towards removing them. But since there are small patches of Reserve Forest running all along the crestline of Karnataka's western ghats connecting all the major WLS's like Dandeli, Kudremukh and Pushpagiri, they must be legally declared as Elephant corridor in the same line as that of Terai Arc which is yet to materialise. Unlike Terai Arc this crest line has sufficient contiguous forest corriodor and tussle between different governments is not involved. After Elephant rampage in Mysore City, government may incline more on removing this 20 odd elephants which serve as crucial gene pool connecting north and south elephant population of Karnataka. This could be observed in the tone of Karnatka's Forest Minister Mr.Vijay Shankar telling the media that very stringent action and decision will be taken in a few days to safeguard humans interest wherever there is an HEC in the state. So Hassan elephants fate will be written in few days it seems. I felt Karnataka Arc is one of the solutions thereby saving endemic species of western ghats also.