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I can't explain how irritated and disgusted I feel day in and day out; when I read about tiger skin smugglers being arrested, several tons of tiger-bones being seized, international wildlife trafficking rackets being busted and filthy news of the tiger skin costing a lakh of rupees and just one kilogram of tiger bones costing around 80,000 rs in the international market!

Damn this! Where were these so-called super-efficient racket busters when the tiger was being harmed?? After the entire damage has been done; how would it help if these sinners and goons are put behind bars for a few years?? Would this undo the pain and suffering that the tiger underwent?

No. Isn't that logical? 

Its high time that our authorities and concerned officials woke up to reality! Instead of wasting energy in devising strategies to trap the tiger-hunters, it would make better sense to channelize our efforts and endeavours in a direction that holds security and promise for our wild cats........ We need to make sure that our tigers are protected. We need to ensure safe homes for them. There are some of us who don't even like the idea of guests visiting our homes very frequently! And what are we doing to these animals? Intruding into their homes and demolishing them! The tiger really is mighty enough to take care of itself! There is no need for anyone to play the role of the 'uninvited guest'!!

While its necessary to penalize and punish the criminals who have been wrecking damage to the tiger-species so that they are not left lose to kill more tigers, does a meager punishment of sentencing the person for a few years of imprisonment serve the purpose?? Can 10-15 years of a criminal's life be a worthy substitute for the beauty and magnificence of a whole tiger??

Various investigating authorities and government initiatives might be doing a great job of busting illegal wildlife trade rackets; but why is it that we do not hear of officials arresting a hunter/killer before the tiger was attacked??

We have to question...We have to seek answers.....We have to pledge..... But when???

Does "TODAY" sound to be a good idea??

If it does, I'll request you to simply question...and seek answers until the problem is sorted..And tell your friends to do the same...let's make this happen! If every one of us were to write a few words every day, it could make a huge difference...

Don't do it for anyone else...

All I can think of right now is "THE TIGER"!!