Mysore zoo and unwanted animal species

Posted by: Suresh K L on


After my recent visit to Mysore zoo and Mysore zoo's acquirement of 3 more crocodilian species of non Indian origin from Chennai, I am writing what I felt.

  • This zoo already has Gharials, salt crocs, marsh crocs and few more foreign origin crocs. Addition of 3 more types is a waste of fund. Since our zoos are much used for entertainment than teaching, if you just sit and observe, most visitor visiting this section move on without even reading the species name. For them every crocodile is one and the same.
  • Two lone Rhinos of Africa and 2 Zebras in separate enclosures have a relatively big field to themselves, while 6 to 7 Bengal tigers are provided with only single small outing area. It's designed like our public toilet. Each one is let out at a particular time to see the sun and then it's caged and the next tiger is let out. Everyone knows that tigers are territorial and they wish to have their own territory even if it is tiny. Territorial marking is a good exercise for Tigers which is denied in this zoo. So are the conditions of long ranging Lions, Leopards and recently arrived Cheetahs. These are provided with their own enclosures but area provided for them is no more than 100X100ft. And again they are pooled up, but Carnivores like to be solitary is a known fact. African herbivores of savanna origin can be pooled up in their larger enclosures but not done so.
  • It seems only Bengal Tigers and recently brought Asiatic Lion are the only species being reared for Stud books to secure the species future. Since most Indians don't know what kind of animals live in their backyards, it's a waste of money to bring so many varieties of animals from outside India and putting them in small cages and torturing them by denying their basic rights.
  • Last year they brought Penguins, built a watery enclosure but failed to maintain. This year again they have brought Meerkat and have put them in a house like building. Meerkat never show up due to constant noise and What if they make burrow on their own and move outside the zoo limit and spread into our ecology. For our visiting Indian eyes Meerkats and Indian mongoose are one and the same. So Care must be taken while bringing the new species. Only big bodied and more familiar varieties of foreign animals must be brought.
  • Animals are always on move in this zoo from one enclosure to another. They don't get the chance to feel secure. For instance Hyenas were living well in a dry enclosure last time I visited, this time they have been put in a clumsy, watery, heavily wooded small marshy enclosure which used to be Sun bears enclosure. As per my observation there are always some construction activities going on to improve the facilities for animals and humans alike. But next visit will turn up wrong animal in wrong cage. Whatever Maharajas built, are the only constructions standing graciously and the rest of construction is being worked and reworked.
  • Recent Elephants entry into Mysore city showed the unpreparedness of zoo authority to tackle any problem which may arise without notice from the 1000 or so animals kept in zoo.

These are only few instances and complete account of every species requires thousands of lines to write. So please the so called animal lovers who are adopting animals in Mysore zoo from all corners of India please make sure that your animal is cared properly and don't adopt animals which does not suit the local conditions otherwise you are indirectly torturing an animal.