Refinery must be shut down

Posted by: Lakshmy Raman on

While Vedanta's proposal to mine for bauxite in Niyamgiri has been rejected, it is vital that the one-million tonne per annum alumina refinery at Lanjigarh, situated right below Niyamgiri, be shut down at the earliest.  The refinery, according to several sources, has habitually flouted environmental standards. Vedanta has been expanding the refinery, often without environmental clearances to do so. The Saxena Report clearly states that Vedanta Alumina Ltd. has illegally occupied village forest land for the construction of the refinery and supplied false information to the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The Orissa state government which has been in cahoots with Vedanta must be taken to task too. Unless the refinery is closed down, this forested area and the Dongria Kondhs cannot truly be safe.