Restoring access to Bandhavgarh

Posted by: Harsh Varma on


The Bandhavgarh action plan -- keeping wildlife safe and making wildlifers feel at home:

  • 1.) Scrap tiger shows on elephants. Even the Rs 45,000 rides must be done away with. No exceptions should be made -- not even for Rahul Gandhi! The pachyderms should only be used for forest work and by officials during tiger census.
  • 2.) Restrict the number of Gypsys to 40 per time slot (a total of 80 jeeps for the morning and afternoon safaris).
  • 3.) Make them run on a green fuel such as compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or at least petrol. Ban diesel.
  • 4.) Allow all-route access once in a three-safari package. This would give all enthusiasts a better chance of having that magical big cat experience!
  • 5.) It may be asking for too much, but VIPs SHOULD NOT be allowed to ride roughshod over other visitors. They too must abide by forest rules. Let them go to zoos if they are in a hurry to see the tiger.

Dear Mr Sahgal, banking on you to put these views across to the officials concerned.