Sunlight and Shadow

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

Today, Mumbai reaches one week since terrorists committed unspeakable acts there. What must it be like to be in Mumbai, feeling the strength and fragility of the city and the people? Life is so full of contradictions and contrasts, of sunlight and shadow. F.W. Champion's The Jungle in Sunlight and Shadow sits on the shelf beside me, linking me to people and places in India with whom and where I long to be. Outside my window, an arm's length away, a red-tailed hawk just soared, seemingly full of purpose, yet with a visibly full crop. Some unfortunate mouse or starling has met its end and is gone, on the cusp of another winter. A few hours from here, workers build the platform in front of the U.S. Capitol where Barack Obama will take the oath of office as the next U.S. president. So many hopes and dreams invested in one person. In fact, in an unprecedented show of cooperation and determination, thirty U.S. environmental organizations have come together to make policy recommendations to the incoming president. Their report, "Transition to Green -- Leading the Way to a Healthy Environment, a Green Economy and a Sustainable Future," is available in pdf format, and might make interesting reading for those of you who are curious about the state of "green politics" here in the U.S. Perhaps, in redoubling our efforts to heal the natural world, we will find a good part of the answer to healing ourselves?