Tiger enters Sundarban village this morning.

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Monday, February 22, 2010 -- 9 a.m

An information received early this morn has reported that a Tiger probably from the Pirkhali range of Sundarban Tiger Reserve has entered Sonaga village situated near Gosaba and opposite Bali Island. The animal has injured a woman on the left side of her forehead, shoulder & arm and thereafter she has been admitted into the Gosaba Govt.Hospital. The Tiger currently is confined inside a village hut/cowshed that has been surrounded by nylon fencing by the field staff and Range Officers of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. A huge crowd has gathered at the location. Anil Mistry (of WPSI & Bali Nature Conservation Society) was one of the first to arrive at the location and he confirms that situation is presently under control. The police force has also arrived to take control of the crowd. 

Within a few hours a rumour did the rounds that the victim had died, but the Chief Medical Officer of the said hospital confirmed that though she is wounded badly still she is alive and they are working to stabilize her. Meanwhile some media report says that a charter of demands is being draw up by villagers which is nothing new in such situations and such have been very well managed by the Forest Department in the past. The Field Director has reached the location and presently the team is concentrating on quickly tranquillising the cat and release it back in the Reserve, after observation. A prompt response & action by the Reserve's authorities has made a positive move. 

The situation is still fluid and we will keep you informed.

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