Tiger released with radio collar at Sundarbans

Posted by: Joydip & Suchandra Kundu on

The Tigress trapped at Sonaga village near Gosaba in the Sunderbans on Monday was released at Storekhali forest near Netidhopani on Wednesday afternoon. It was fitted with a radio collar before being released. Forest officials confirmed that the gadget is sending signals properly.

The imported gadget has been provided by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehra Dun, and the institute will get coded information about the movement of the tigress every two hours via satellite.
The big cat was tranquillized on Wednesday to fit it with the radio collar. It was taken to Storekhali forest after veterinary doctors declared it fit.
In the Storekhali forest, the density of hental plant is comparatively less than other local forests. Forest officials pointed out that it would help the big cat go deep inside the forest and also confirmed that it could get adequate food here as the forest has a healthy population of wild boar and deer.
“The gadget is working. WII will circulate the decoded information to the state forest department,” said Atanu Raha, principal chief conservator of forests.