Tusker rescued by Forest Dept at Buxa

Posted by: Joydip & Suchandra Kundu on

A sub-adult male tusker was rescued from a ditch at the Kumargram tea-garden in Buxa Tiger Reserve on Tuesday morning.

The tusker, around seven years old, fell into a 10 feet by 4 feet ditch while its herd was passing through the tea-garden. Foresters dug up the ditch to widen it, giving enough room to the pachyderm to manoeuvre and wriggle out of it. The elephant later joined its herd in the Kumargram forest. 

Around 11 am, some villagers noticed the elephant struggling to come out of the hole. The herd tried to pull it out, but failed and finally left the place without the animal. It was then that foresters moved in and widened the ditch by about 10 feet. The animal soon climbed out. 
“We widened the ditch and created a slope to help the jumbo turn its body and stand up on its feet. It has not suffered any major injury,” said Subhankar Sengupta, deputy field director, Buxa Tiger Reserve. 
The elephant was guided back into the Kumargram forest where it joined its herd.