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I just came across this obnoxious news-piece on BBC news which says that a Chinese man has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for ' killing and EATING' a rare tiger of Indochinese origin! How disgustingly desperate is that!

The man, Kang Wannian, who happens to be a villager in the southern province of Yunnan is supposed to have killed the tiger in self defense! In a desperate move to save himself from legal proceedings, the man along with four of his other friends shared a feasty tiger meal!

After all the damage that we have done, do we deserve to be called 'humans' anymore?? I mean, after being accidentally born as the most intelligent, socially aware and considerate creature on the planet, are humans really living up to the responsibility of being god's most supreme creation? Or was it a real mistake?? NO..NO..not our mistake! We never accept mistakes!! Do we?? What I meant is God's mistake! God's mistake to have judged our abilities the wrong way!

 I wonder how it would have felt to be on the other side! How would have we felt if tigers were to barge into our homes, pull us out, rip us off our skin, knocked out our teeth just to decorate the tiger's den or to cure some bizzare disease??? I wonder how it would have felt to see the same merciless torcher being inflicted on our mothers, sisters, and little children?? If we cannot imagine this happening to us, how dare we do the same to a helpless animal?? What are we priding on?? Our accidental Human status, our ability to speak, our skills to plot and strategise or the concrete jungles that we have built for ourselves???

There was just one wild Indochinese tiger who was spotted and photographed in this region of China's border with Laos, called the Kang reserve way back in 2007. This was a rare specie of the tiger family and since the horrific incident of the tiger being eaten, no Indochinese tiger has been seen here! The monsterous person along with his friends might have had put an end to a beautiful legacy of the indochinese tiger, which would soon be long forgotten!

But I'm not losing hope..As I write this today with utter shame on the people of my race, 'the humans'; I earnestly request to all those reading this one to say a small silent prayer for the Indochinese tiger..Just so that his/her soul rests in peace! I'm bewildered..While its a bunch of 'humans' who have ruthlessly killed and devoured on an animal; its again a bunch of 'humans' who have come together to put up such a wonderful website! Cannot thank Mr. Bittu Sahgal enough for making this happen!

Wierd indeed we humans are!