Young Tigress rescued and released

Posted by: Joydip & Suchandra Kundu on

Sundarban experienced a low density cyclonic weather on the evening of Monday 26.04.2010. A young Tigress probably misguided by the strong wind & turbulent river entered the Adibashipara village in the Bagna Range & was spotted by a villager. 

Prompt initiative by the villagers drived the animal into an abandoned hut where she was safe till the Range Officer Debraj Sur along with the Sundarban Tiger Reserve team intercepted. Soon the Tigress was successfully tranquilized by Beat Officer Ayan Chakraborty. Disturbed by human presence the poor animal seemed to be quite nervous. She was kept under observation of the Tiger Reserve's official vet and was fed with dressed chicken, which is common in such cases. 

At 06.38 hrs on 28.04.2010 she was released at Khatuajhuri forest area in the same range. The Tigress apparently had no major injury marks or any such abnormalities when we saw her just before she went back into the wild. 

We sincerely thank the villagers of Adibashipara for the cooperation that they have extended to the forest staff for a speedy rescue operation. The STR team deserves a salute for such a successful, smooth & prompt rescue operation.



Our BTL-Sanctuary Bengal Tiger Bachaao campaign in the Sundarbans had organised "Walk for the Tigers" at this village area last November to spread awareness on such issues seeking the villagers' involvement in rescuing such Tigers safely. We had also conducted immediate & intensive relief operations with the help of Wildlife Conservation Trust in this area last May 3 days post cyclone Aila through the Tiger Reserve team.