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I will miss you Shyam Chainani

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on


After a hard fought battle against cancer, Shyam Chainani died on December 25, 2010. I will miss him dearly, as will all those who worked with him and came to know him down the years.

He was one of a kind... tough, fair, very intelligent and internally committed to the notion that the best way to leave a lasting legacy for

Great indian Bustards in peril

Posted by: Hitesh Kamaliya on

With Only 300 Left Number Has Reduced By Half Since 2000

Pune: The Great Indian Bustard, which has been listed as a critically endangered bird, is steadily moving towards extinction.
   A global population count reveals that there are just around 300 birds left, compared to 600 in the year 2000 and 1,260 in 1969. 
   In Nannaj,

 The Gujarat High Court on Tuesday ordered a top official of the state's mines and minerals department to appear before it to explain inaction against illegal mining.

The bench of Chief Justice SJ Mukhopadhaya and Justice KM Thaker, while hearing a petition on illegal mining near the Sasangir Lion Sanctuary, questioned the

Narendra Modi authors 'green' bookGandhinagar: After having authored books about the Emergency and RSS leaders, and having published even a collection of poems, chief minister Narendra Modi is showing his versatility and range as a writer, with a new venture. The CM has now come up with a book about climate change, an issue believed to be close to his

Yuvraj of the erstwhile state of Utelia near Dhandhuka, Bhagirathsinh Vaghela, shot a leopard that was believed to have turned man-eater.

Let us hope that he was permitted by the Chief Wildlife Warden under Section 11 (1)(a) of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 for hunting this Leopard, which is shedule I animal. Section

involves possession of land by non-Maldharis 

 The Gujarat high court has stayed land deals in the periphery of the lions' den - the Gir sanctuary - as the issue of possession of land by non-Maldharis in the surrounding forest reserve is to be resolved before the division bench.
Earlier, a single-judge bench held that the land

Bees in my backyard

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

"How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour, and gather honey all the day from every opening flower!"
- Isaac Watts

I used to live in a building called Jaldarshan on Napean Sea Road. I woke each morning to the sound of a kingfisher.

Just outside our balcony, growing out of a sheer rock face, was an outcrop of lantana

Flogging the dead nuclear horse

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

One day the world's misguided economists and nucleocrats will share us what they hope to achieve by building so many nuclear plants, when there is not enough uranium to run the world's existing 500+ reactors for more than 40 years. As more get built (to "solve" the climate crisis) the date by which global uranium supplies get