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The annual tiger enumeration is set to commence in March
and this time around, camera trap technique will not be the only method to be
used to count the big cats.

The last enumeration at Similipal where camera trap methodology was used
and yielded in a low count had led to a huge uproar. Orissa lodged a protest
with National Tiger

The Tigress trapped at Sonaga village near Gosaba in the Sunderbans on Monday was released at Storekhali forest near Netidhopani on Wednesday afternoon. It was fitted with a radio collar before being released. Forest officials confirmed that the gadget is sending signals properly.

The imported gadget has been provided by the

Water Table a major question?

Posted by: arun tp on


Every life form's depends on Water. Nothing special after Industrial Revolution, the world was soaked in new attitude towards environment. New term "Industrial estates" bloomed around the continents, disregarding wastage treatments, pushing untreated wastes organic as well as inorganic into the virgin natural environment

Birds are the most beautiful of all creations... Aren’t they? Of course they are.. There is so much we can learn from them, from living an organized lifestyle with what little they have and the way they take care of themselves and their homes and kids at times of adversities... Above all, we can learn a lot not only about


Kolkata: The straying Sunderbans tiger that was captured at Sonaga in Gosaba on Monday will be fitted with a radio collar.

Officials of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehra Dun, have reached Sunderbans with an imported collar that is believed to be an improved version of the earlier one that had been tried on a tigress

KOLKATA: The World Wildlife Fund has warned that days are numbered for much of the sensitive Sunderbans eco-system and in 60 years vast tracts of the rare mangrove forests, home to the Bengal tiger, will be inundated by the rising sea.

The study, focussed on Sunderbans in Bangladesh, says the sea was rising more swiftly than


Kolkata: Spreading human habitat in the Sunderbans has resulted in a drop in the tigers’ territory, leading to frequent incidents of straying.

“Tigers have adapted to a life in the mangroves and crabs constitute an important part of their diet. Though tigers are a highly adaptable species, occupying territory from the snowy


A shocking news has been reported by a NatHistory forum member Vinod Kumar -

In north Karnataka, unidentified persons Have killed 6 pythons in the Yadgir district for unknown reasons. Forest officials have not even visited the spot to verify the incident and not even a case has been registered against anybody so far.

Can anyone

Monday, February 22, 2010 -- 9 a.m

An information received early this morn has reported that a Tiger probably from the Pirkhali range of Sundarban Tiger Reserve has entered Sonaga village situated near Gosaba and opposite Bali Island. The animal has injured a woman on the left side of her forehead, shoulder & arm and thereafter

My friend had once remarked, "You are such a dodo!" It was a spontaneous reaction from his side when I said something foolish...

Have you ever wondered why someone is called 'DODO' when ever the person seems to be dumb, innocently stupid???  No???

 BUT, I did...........

That day I wanted to figure out why a dumb person is usually