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 Dear Mr. President:

             At an Earth Day celebration at the White House on April 22nd, Mrs. Obama was asked whether there is an environmental issue of particular concern to the Obama family. This was her response:

             You know, we’re big tiger-savers, because Malia’s one issue for her father is saving

Ten Years Of Shock And Awe!

Posted by: Sameer K S on


This was my third Himalayan trek and I can safely say, this is one place on earth I would never get tired of. The first was with my father, who after a lot of persuasion convinced my mother to tag me along, the second time it was my cousins turn to care for me. Not to mention, both the times I was the youngest participant of




26/05/2010, E-con, Mumbai – The Mumbai chapter of NECEER’s “Worldwide Save Loktak Lake Campaign” was jointly organized by E-con (Environmental - Consciousness) along with BNHS (Bombay Natural History Society) as a seminar at the auditorium of BNHS on 22nd May 2010. Technical Support was provided by “e-con talks”

Many questions will again be asked over impacts of tourism in Tiger Reserves. It has over & again been proved that tourism is a positive factor to conservation. But alarm bells are ringing loud in parks like Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Corbett & a few others where mafia calls the shots with a section of corrupted foresters. Will

Foresters have caught as many as five tigers in the Sunderbans in the last four days. Of these, three had strayed into human habitat. Sundarban Tiger Reserve (STR) officers have run along the length and breadth of Sunderbans for the last few days, with tigers lurking in villages adjoining the forest areas.    

On Thursday,

Bandhavgarh ....are we heading in the wrong direction.....


Folks..i have written about this in the past, and I write again..I firmly believe Bandhavarh is heading in the wrong direction....its a journey which is begun...we must, at all cost arrest this slide...numerous open questions cross my mind...they being..

 - Is the Park

A Tigress captured in the Sundarbans on May 18th had to be brought to the Alipore Zoo Hospital in Kolkata for treatment yesterday. The Big cat was trapped in the Netidhopani forest & was supposed to be fitted with a radio collar. But officials soon realised that the animal was ill & would not be able go bear the strain of

This case has yet again alarmed us all on how we treat our animals. The news is pathetic but not surprising at all !  

Many of you might have been witnesses to the hooliganism of a section of tourist operators that have been growing like a cancer in parks like Bandhavgarh. In February 2007 we were witness to such a case when






2010 has been declared as the "International Year of Bio-Diversity" by the Convention of Biological Diversity.
Although Bio-Diversity Day is observed on the 22nd of May each year. In conjunction to the Bio-Diversity Day, e-con (Environmental Consciousness) is going to join hands in an ongoing conservation campaign.


बच्चों आओ, बाघ बचाओ!

- विवेक रंजन श्रीवास्तव

ओबी- 11 एमपीईबी कालोनी

रामपुर जबलपुर


‘बच्चों आओ, बाघ बचाओ‘ सुनकर चैकियेगा