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Tomorrow   start global bird watchers conference in Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary(Gujarat)

 Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary! Located at the watershed of River Ruparel and Kalindri at the North East coastal region of Jamnagar district in the Gulf of Kutch, is a very special and unique ecosystem. In Khijadiya, the migratory birds of

Story Of A Tiger- A Poem

Posted by: Hita on


Born A little cub, Blind

Grew up with her mother

She learnt how to find,

Her own prey, to live  all by herself

One fine day, when she was almost there

It never really occurred to her

That Life isn’t always fair

Quiet and dangerous as it was for the deer,

It was for her own self but,

Little did she realize, she


Tiger Summit next week!!

Posted by: Nirmal Ghosh on


 I came across this roughly 15 year old write-up by Dad on the Old WII Newsletters website. This narration was written at a time when the fight for Palamau's future (a fight which as it seems today is all but lost) was at its peak and wherein support came from lets say "Unexpected Quarters". The following is one such 15 year