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Flying in the face of cyclonic winds, floods, droughts, hottest-ever and coldest-ever days, plus salinisation of coasts thanks to sea level rise, the climate skeptic brigade is up to its dirty tricks again. Just as they did a few weeks before Copenhagen, prior to the climate conference about to take place in Durban they have

Just a few days ago, we did not have water supply in our house for the whole morning. It was a very trying situation and we were dependant on our tank on the roof. We all were trying our best to save this water which had suddenly become very precious. The problem was minor-a broken pipe. However, this really goes to show how

During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to be the leader who would "end the tyranny of oil." 

 As of this date, President Obama has failed in his oft-repeated pledge to lead on climate change.

In a few hours, I will board a charter bus full of citizens and activists and environmentalists from New York