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I would like to share  my observation and ideas,

Being brought up in Digboi, an oil town which divides a big jungle, one stretching a few square kilometres to the north and the other to the south of Digboi which strecthes towards ,Arunachal Pradesh,Nagaland further cutting into Myanmar.Growing up in Digboi itself taught me how

Of Owls and CO2

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

Sometimes, the little things can make your day. This morning for the second time, I heard the hooting and trilling of an Eastern screech owl, Otus asio in some tall trees just in front of my apartment, on the shores of the Hudson River. Though screech owls are plentiful, they are usually found in deeper woods than the ones

Not Burning Bright....

Posted by: Shivir chordia on

The reality may be far more deeper and sad to an extent grim ....I would love to be challenged to prove otherwise....but most "Great parks" in India are not great anymore....infact they are hiding the greatest lies of our times. MP / Rajasthan / UP & karnataka the so called Tiger states...have an embarrassment staring at their