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1. The name Caracal has been derived from the Turkish word "karakulak" which means black ears.
2. In North India, the Caracal is locally known as "Syagosh" which means Black ears in the Persian language
3. Caracals are known to hunt 10 - 12 birds at one strike!
4. The Caracal's hind legs are longer than its front legs which enable

The Traveler's Guilt

Posted by: Seema Khinnavar on

A new place is explored; its beauty touched, its charm disturbed and its virginity lost. I belong to the tribe of travelers. Those who wander, explore, discover, admire and unfortunately also disturb.

I had recently been to Ranthambhore National Park. I was going to journey by train. For hours on an end I had listened to ‘tiger

How Do Tigers Communicate?

Posted by: Seema Khinnavar on

Tigers use 4 senses to communicate i.e. sight, smell, hearing and touch

A tiger shows its aggression by lashing its tail violently from side to side. It keeps its head low and gets up on its hind legs, twists its ears to show the ear spots and opens its eyes wide to make eye contact. During this time, its lips are closed

Tribes That Worship The Tiger

Posted by: Seema Khinnavar on

North Eastern Naga Tribe
The Nagas believe that man and tiger are the sons of the same mother. Man stayedat hme while the tiger went to live in the jungle. But one day both were compelled to fight and man killed the tiger and pushed him into the river. The dead tiger body floated downstream and the Naga God discovered it. He sat

Tiger Facts

Posted by: Seema Khinnavar on

1. You can hear a tiger roar over a mile away! It is the largest member of the cat     family.
2. It is also one of the most culturally important animals on the planet.
3. According to a survey conducted by animal planet, the tiger was voted as the world's favorite animal.
4. A tiger can eat 100 pounds of meat a night which is

1. People who study vultures are known as Gypsophils
2. Oriental white-backed vulture which was commonly found in India has declined by over 99.9% over a period of just 15 years and continues to decline at a rate of 40% per year!
3. One of the main causes of vulture extinction is a drug known as Diclofenac. This drug is used to

Creature Features - The Frog

Posted by: Seema Khinnavar on

1. April 30th is celebrated as Save the Frog Day. But why should we bother? One might ask. It is important to conserve the dwindling number of frogs in cities because they are one of the major consumers of pests like mosquitoes and other disease spreading insects.
2. Archey's Frog which is almost indistinguishable from its

Celebrity Tigers

Posted by: Seema Khinnavar on

Genghis – The Master Killer

Tigers are “concealment and ambush” hunters meaning that they do not chase prey for long distances. A tiger stalks its prey, and comes close to it very stealthily. And when it is at a specific distance from the prey, it pauses for a while and checks whether the prey comes closer so as to reduce the

52 tigers killed in 2000
72 tigers killed in 2001
46 tigers killed in 2002
38 tigers killed in 2003
38 tigers killed in 2004
46 tigers killed in 2005
37 tigers killed in 2006
27 tigers killed in 2007
29 tigers killed in 2008
32 tigers killed in 2009

"We enter the Jangle for searching food and the tiger killed us . . . beside . . .

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