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I'm a huge wildlife enthusiast and I hope to raise awareness about the lesser known Tiger Reserves and neglected wildlife regions of the country.These lesser known forests unlike their well known counterparts don't have any spokespersons for their defense.So such places suffer the most in this era of industrialization and globalization where forests along with its myriad inhabitants are considered as a liability.

" The Writing On The Wall "

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“ Van Vibhaag (referring to Forest Resthouses) mein rukne se pehle police khud sochti ki apne liye shamshaan taiyaar kiye hai ki nahin—C.P.I. M." --- A Naxal slogan warning the Police/Security forces that if they dare occupy any Forest Resthouse in Palamau, they better have booked a place for

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Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, a locally well known sanctuary spread over two districts viz. East Singhbhum and Saraikela-Kharsawan, is one of the last refuges of Indian Elephants in south-eastern Jharkhand. The 193 sq.km WLS is a part of the much

 I came across this roughly 15 year old write-up by Dad on the Old WII Newsletters website. This narration was written at a time when the fight for Palamau's future (a fight which as it seems today is all but lost) was at its peak and wherein support came from lets say "Unexpected Quarters". The following is one such 15 year

The Satpura Experience...

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 The Journey Begins….. 


As soon as the Indore-Bilaspur Express pulled away from the Bhopal Railway station on the chilly night of 13th Feb 2010 at 11:10 pm, I could feel the Butterflies in my stomach. Our destination—Sohagpur, an obscure station in the Hoshangabad District of Madhya Pradesh. I was

Tiger Agenda : Chhattisgarh

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I will concede here that I have always been fascinated by Chhattisgarh largely because of the sheer extent of the pristine & unexplored forests in the state (and hence the possibility of major surprises that they might withhold) and the similarity between Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh in terms of land and culture of these two

Tiger Agenda : Jharkhand

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I was asked to prepare a “Tiger Agenda” for the states of Jharkhand and Chattisgarh a couple of months back. I submitted it, but unfortunately even after roughly 3 months I don't really know what happened regarding the report because while I did read the agenda for some other Tiger-States, I didn't come across one for Jharkhand

 Actually this is a mail that i sent to a friend(Mr Ray Barlow) a couple of months back(when the whole tourism debate was at its peak) on Unregulated Wildlife Tourism,he put the mail on his blog and there I received some very encouraging comments.So i decided to reproduce that mail here on sanctuary (so please ignore the casual

Why is Baghpat District,U.P. in News??----The once mighty Yamuna river has become a seasonal river here and it has completely dried up over a stretch of 100 kms (from Delhi to Saharanpur District, U.P.) for the past 7 months!!!Administrators of Baghpat District---a district that lies in this 100 km stretch along the banks of





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                                                        First of all let me briefly introduce myself and my relationship with the Palamau Tiger Reserve—A neglected Tiger Reserve that seems to have been