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Celebrate Nature,
Honour its Defenders

The Sanctuary Nature Foundation is honoured to recognise these Earth Heroes, not only to shine a light on their work but also as a token of gratefulness for their selfless work.

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MoEFCC Requests Cooperation From Power Ministries To Save GIB

On January 7,2019, exactly a month after the the collaborative campaign to save the Great Indian Bustard was launched by Conservation India, The Corbett Foundation and Sanctuary Nature Foundation, India’s Ministry of Environment,… Read More

Chhattisgarh Elephant Crisis, Herd Enters Korba City

On December 26, 2018, the ongoing human-elephant conflict crisis in Chhattisgarh reached a boiling point when a herd of elephants entered Korba city. Read More

Felicitation For Sanctuary Project Leader

On 26 November 2018, Sanctuary's Mud on Boots Project Leader Sajal Madhu was honoured with the Neelkanth Samman in New Delhi. The award was bestowed upon him by Kabir Ke Log, a local organisation from Patna and Centre for… Read More

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The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 2018 – Celebrate Nature, Honour its Defenders

Each year, in the process of unearthing inspiring people who have been contributing to protecting our home - Planet Earth, we come across an incredibly diverse set of brave men and women – who do not let fear or uncertainty…


Searching For Happiness At 6°46’N – 7°20’N And 93°37’E – 93°56’E

Radhika Bhagat singles out the lesser-known Nicobar Islands in the enchanting archipelago of the Bay of Bengal. She shares an exploratory tale that speaks of lush coral reefs, dense rainforests and a rich…

Featured Interview

Meet Govardhan Meena – Tiger Defender, Conflict Manager, Quiet Changemaker

Born to a Meena tribal family living on the outskirts of Ranthambhore, Rajasthan, this quiet wildlife defender is the epitome of what anyone could want tomorrow’s wildlife conservationist to be. A virtual Pied Piper for the children around…

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Kaziranga National Park

Photo: T. Shivanandappa.Situated in Nagaon and Golaghat districts of Assam on the southern bank of the Brahma...