The Anthropocene

Photographer, writer and gifted storyteller Arati Kumar-Rao’s lyrical prose is at odds with the devastating picture she paints, of a once-wild and invincible river beginning to cede to the
assault of man.

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Major Online Retailers Caught Up In International Illegal Wildlife Trade

A team of investigators and scientists from India and the UK have uncovered a major international fraud – monitor lizard hemipenis (male sexual organs) is being passed off as tantric plant roots also known as Hatha Jodi… Read More

Hatching Hope: 39 Critically Endangered Burmese Roofed Turtles Emerge From Eggs

In a boost to the critically endangered species, 39 Burmese-roofed turtles have hatched in Limpha Village , Myanmar, report scientists from WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA). Read More

World Environment Day Celebrated In Sundarbans

In celebration of World Environment Day on June 5th, 2017, a group of 15 children from the Sundarbans, West Bengal, were taken on an educational boat trip aboard the ‘Tiger Express’ to observe the mangrove ecosystem and… Read More

Cover Story

The Anthropocene River

Photographer, writer and gifted storyteller Arati Kumar-Rao has been documenting the wondrous Brahmaputra river, and those who depend upon it, for the past three years. Here, her lyrical prose is at odds…


DNA For Conservation

Conservation is an unbelievably vast and a rather deep science. How deep? All the way to the molecular level! And to understand the implications of studying the fundamental molecular unit of all life – the DNA, on conservation…

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Meet Koustubh Sharma

A Senior Regional Ecologist with the Snow Leopard Trust, Koustubh Sharma has worked in some of the remotest and toughest terrains in the world – where his work is contributing to a greater understanding of snow leopard ecology.…

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Kaziranga National Park

Photo: T. Shivanandappa.Situated in Nagaon and Golaghat districts of Assam on the southern bank of the Brahma...