Selling the
Family Silver?

Neha Sinha wonders at the schizophrenia of a government that talks of river protection, while dredging and ecologically damaging the very same waterways.

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Facebook Called Out For Aiding Wildlife Trade In Thailand

A disturbing trend was recently brought to light in a study by TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring network, has recorded illicit wildlife trade through online groups via Facebook in Thailand. Read More

Japan’s Proposal To Resume Commercial Whaling Denied

During the 67th International Whaling Comission (IWC), held in Florianopolis, Japan lost the vote on their proposal for the return of commercial whaling. Read More

Mumbai Metropolitan Magistrate acquits journalists, holds UPL and GPCB guilty of inaction and failure to protect environment

Acquitting all three journalists in the United Phosphorous Ltd (UPL) vs. Ramoji Rao defamation case, Mumbai Metropolitan Magistrate, Shri K G Paldewar observed that ‘G.P.C.B. is guilty of total inaction in taking effective… Read More

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Selling The Family Silver? Are India’s Economists Eating Into Our Natural Capital And Calling It Economics?

Everyone agrees that India has been blessed by natural riches that gave birth to our civilisation and cultures. Here Neha Sinha writes that imprudent development ambitions authored by economists and planners…


Rain, Egg Curry And The Zisticola

Sutirtha Lahiri rediscovers the joys of birding at the perfect wild getaway near his home in Guwahati.

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Meet Mark Tercek

As the CEO of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the world’s largest conservation NGO, Mark Tercek leads a global team of more than 4,000 colleagues, who are working on the biggest environmental challenges we face today. After…

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Kaziranga National Park

Photo: T. Shivanandappa.Situated in Nagaon and Golaghat districts of Assam on the southern bank of the Brahma...