The Anthropocene

Photographer, writer and gifted storyteller Arati Kumar-Rao’s lyrical prose is at odds with the devastating picture she paints, of a once-wild and invincible river beginning to cede to the
assault of man.

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Mud On Boots Project Leader Nominated For Documentary Award

Anoko Mega, project leader under Sanctuary’s Mud on Boots project has been nominated  for documentary award under the ‘amateur’ category of the 9th Centre for Media Studies ‘VATAVARAN’ international environment… Read More

The Flood-Hit Land Of Kaziranga

The marooned wild animals of Kaziranga National Park have been struggling in search of highlands as 80 per cent of the park land was submerged in the first spate of floods that hit Assam last week. Read More

80 Per Cent Of Gharials Found In Chambal

In a preliminary field report, Dr. Jeffery W. Lang, Senior Advisor for The Gharial Ecology Project, provides a comprehensive view of the gharial population that inhabits the Chambal river. Read More

Cover Story

The Anthropocene River

Photographer, writer and gifted storyteller Arati Kumar-Rao has been documenting the wondrous Brahmaputra river, and those who depend upon it, for the past three years. Here, her lyrical prose is at odds…


DNA For Conservation

Conservation is an unbelievably vast and a rather deep science. How deep? All the way to the molecular level! And to understand the implications of studying the fundamental molecular unit of all life – the DNA, on conservation…

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Meet Koustubh Sharma

A Senior Regional Ecologist with the Snow Leopard Trust, Koustubh Sharma has worked in some of the remotest and toughest terrains in the world – where his work is contributing to a greater understanding of snow leopard ecology.…

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Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

Photo: Dhritiman Mukherjee/Sanctuary Asia.Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, located in the Chandrapur district of ...