The Deep Water Blues

Cara Tejpal outlines the systematic destruction of our oceans and how little is being done to stop it.

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TSR Subramanian Report Overruled By Standing Committee

TSR Subramanian Committee’s report to reassess environmental laws rejected by government House Panel. Read More

Environment Ministry Attempts ‘Greenwash’

In an intra-ministry communication on July 16, 2015, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar suggested that the term ‘diversion of forest land’ be replaced with the word ‘reforestation’. Read More

Nagpur Kids Rally For The Tiger

To mark this year’s Global Tiger Day, school children in Nagpur participate in a cycle rally to demonstrate their support for tiger conservation. Read More

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The Deep Water Blues

For the longest time, we have exploited our oceans and their natural bounty. The resilience of our marine ecosystems is being tested like never before. Cara Tejpal outlines the systematic destruction taking…


Grow Fast And Die Young – The Accelerated Life Of A Jawai Leopard

Following the leopards of Jawai over two years has led Adam Bannister to believe that these felines lead relatively short lives owing to the unique landscape that is their home.

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The Deep Water Blues: Q&A With Nayantara Jain

Nayantara JainExecutive Director of Reef Watch Marine Conservation, Nayantara Jain confesses that she has her feet on the sand and her heart in the sea. After spending several years as a scuba diving instructor on…

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Manas National Park

Photo: Bernard Castelein.Against the backdrop of the Eastern Himalayas lies a grass and jungle habitat of unp...