Conservation Photography The Image As Armour

Sanctuary is one of India’s fastest growing and extremely vibrant conservation photography networks. Here are some images that almost made the cut for the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2014.

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Sanctuary Pledges Support to Pench Forest Staff

On February 23, 2015, over 250 locals illegally fishing in the waters of the Totladoh reservoir of the Pench Tiger Reserve were confronted by a section of the park’s Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF). The fishermen… Read More

Kids For Tigers Inter-school Fest Held In Bengaluru

The bright and sunny morning of January 20, 2015, saw around 700 from 24 city schools assemble at Jawahar Bal Bhavan Society, Cubbon Park, in Bengaluru for the inter-school Kids for Tigers Fest.  Read More

India's 2014 Tiger Estimation Rises To 2,226

For a change we have positive news on the tiger front. Based on rigorous protocols established in consultation with some of the finest field biologists both in and out of government, the official tiger estimation for the… Read More

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Conservation Photography – The Image As Armour

There are probably fewer ways to draw out instant human responses than to use evocative images. Photography has consequently been used as a conservation tool, virtually from the time cameras were invented. Ansel Adams…


Notes From A ‘Bubophile’

Eurasian Eagle Owl or Indian Eagle Owl? ‘Bubophile’ M. Eric Ramanujam helps Sanctuary readers figure out what sets the two apart.

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A Journey Of Many Thousand Moons – In Conversation With Dr. Jill Robinson

On the sidelines of the Minding Animals conference ( in New Delhi, Asym Bal speaks with Dr. Jill Robinson, founder-CEO of the Animals Asia Foundation and internationally renowned champion of Asiatic…

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Manas National Park

Photo: Bernard Castelein.Against the backdrop of the Eastern Himalayas lies a grass and jungle habitat of unp...